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We have a passion for

Bringing together FiveM players from around the globe. The first FiveM Community to be a registered LLC.

Overkill Hardware

We have a custom server provided by our hardware partner Zade Servers that features high-end Intel processors.

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Experienced Staff

Our staff team consists of adults with experience to ensure you'll have the best time on our community.

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Experienced officers

We have a strict application process that includes rigorous training built from our partners in real-life departments.

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Since we went live in 2018

We've provided an opportunity for gamers to have a safe space. We've donated hundreds to charity. We've developed something more than just a gameserver. We've developed a community.

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How we stand out

Some of Our Custom Maps and Cars

We have numerous custom maps, cars, and scripts developed just for us, here at DHSRP!

Staff & Partners

Behind the Scenes

Our staff members and partners who work tirelessly to bring you an amazing experience!

Server Owner & Developer

John Clark

John Clark is an avid gamer who develops for the Blue Bear Networks community. He currently handles responsibilities such as hiring staff, managing donations, public relations, and general systems administration.

Server Owner & SRU Lead

Eli Hawkins

Eli Hawkins is a LAFD and CHP Cadet who enjoys spending time roleplaying in FiveM. His responsibilities include running our SRU/SWAT department and hiring staff.

Administrator & STO


Rider is one of the longest-standing administrators on Blue Bear Networks. He trains every staff member and reviews applications for both our LAFD department and for those wishing to join our staff team. He also reviews disciplinary actions for both staff members and players.



Rodriguez is the commissioner of the California Highway Patrol and the designer of most of our custom maps.

Administrator & Appeals Manager

J. Walsh

Walsh has the responsibility to manage a core part of our community; ban appeals. When a user gets banned and wishes that its revoked, Walsh oversees their appeal process.


J. Fuse

Fuse is the sheriff of Los Angeles and our EU Timezone Administrator.

Administrator & Developer

C. Wilshire

Wilshire is an Administrator and Developer for DHSRP. He has a say in all of the custom vehicles and maps that enter the server. Thank him for the donator cars!

Open Position

We're Hiring!

Blue Bear Networks is always looking to hire more staff. Apply on our forums!


Honest Reviews of our Community.

Seriously. We're just that great.